Fragment 4 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

Ah. Drake. One of the strongest servants in the game, and one that continually haunts my gacha rolls regardless of who is the rate up.

The initial fragment was mostly about her trying to peer-pressure Mashu into her first drink, so it was easy enough to adapt it into her own. Like the two before her, she’s a veteran of Chaldea so there wasn’t much need to do any developing. Her current disposition actually fits well with Chaldea if anything, including her view on ephemeral indulgences. 

She has the view that everything comes to an end, and that everything she be enjoyed to its maximum. Whether fighting with the brightness of a supernova before its collapse, or simply drinking herself drunk, Drake has to live like every day is the last… and that works perfectly in the facility. She’s already been doing what many have had to learn how to do, and that’s to simply enjoy what she has and find out how to get more while it lasts. 

Thankfully she’s one of the ones bringing alcohol back, else it will never last…

I did more background into her friendship Fergus and Robin, though only skimming the surface. When it comes time for their own fragments, they will get further explanation above what was needed to secure the tie with Drake.

As with the previous ones, the core of the fragment remains intact. Mashu is still dragged into drinking her first alcoholic drink at Drake’s pleasure. She’s a simple rider, who only wants others to learn to enjoy themselves too, even if it means she starts drinking them down like water when you give her a fruity drink. Slight miscalculation on her part, but then again, it was only support so be an introductory drink, right?

Perhaps Mashu could have just given her treasure or something else to spend as a bribe, though that’s an entirely different precedent she would have set for herself. This was initially the original plot point, but the idea of getting Mashu drunk (thanks to the air) for the first time during the Ibaraki event shifted the decision; There was far more play in getting her drunk than continually bribing Drake into not making her drink, especially when there was little to nothing for the pirate to actually spend it on in Chaldea.

There wasn’t much more setup needed in this chapter, since Fragment 5 will be the one that discusses employees in a lengthy manner for the first time. It simply came down to a nice slice of life incident involving one of Chaldea’s more uniquely problematic servants. Drake doesn’t cause trouble too often, but when she does, it stands out.

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