Murphy’s Law Strikes

In terms of time.

I used to have time to pump out a few more shards, but thanks to unfortunate circumstances that fell on a colleague, I also wound up taking collateral damage. So as not to bore anyone, I won’t explain the situation, but time has gotten smacked again.

Unfortunately, it means Fragment 107 is likely delayed by a week. 

There’s a tiny chance I can get it done by next Monday, but I’d rather not botch the quality and let more typos run rampant than what already gets past SKYS and I.

I’ll see if I can’t pump out a shard or two as apology next week if the fragment does get delayed. I still got a work trip out in Mid-October, but next week’s free time is still fairly secure since I’ve long-since been packed and ready.

Again, sorry for the delay, but work is work.

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