Fragment 78 Insight

As I’ve said many times, I save servant appearances for key moments (like turning points) so I know they’ll have a more profound impact. For Amakusa, there’s no better time than just after they defeat Goetia, who, at its core, shared a similar desire that Amakusa did: Saving humanity from its fate. It made plenty of room for introspection, which this entry is heavy on, and a chance to show how he was going to deal with the given reality.

It’s in his blood to continually push for his desired, guilt-driven dream, so I wasn’t going to curb that. I was only going to curb t he clarity around the method, which was a conclusion he arrived at in his many decades spent waiting for the grail in Apocrypha. As clear as that answer had been, a monumental task like saving humanity from total extinction for a year would easily make a profound impact on his belief. Though it wouldn’t destroy it, you can gray the colors and muddy the waters a lot.

Thus, Amakusa’s dilemma for his fragment was straightforward. His ambition is pushy, but he wants to exercise patients and see new avenues. Others also talk to him to convince him, or serve as a welcome distraction/reminder of what can/has been built in Chaldea. It’s a constant tug of war, with the only answer being to find a way to let the time slip by as they search for answers. At the same time, he’s bombarded by countless fuel for either side of the fire that tries to swing him both ways.

Yet, despite the heaviness within, the interactions are mostly fluffy. Janna has been making a giant showing recently, but I’ve also taken the liberty to show some of the more overshadowed servants. Many ‘neglected’ will be making a bigger appearance now that their entries are approaching. Of course, it will be balanced with new faces, like the two I introduced here.

Finally introduced the first newly summoned servant, and wasted no time on a statement I made months ago. I just wanted the reunion to be a little unique, but I was definitely not going to dance around the topic. It fit well for the theme for Amakusa’s fragment, which was obviously an exploration on learning to deal with guilt in better ways.

As a final note, the specifics with retrieving servants from a singularity seem obvious, but it’s not quite fully explained yet. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on what the necessary variables are, because you can be certain Chaldea is going to try and rescue others.

Fragment 79 Teaser:

 Kindness and serenity radiated off her like a spring waterfall, and her smile could ends wars with a simple glance. Even so, not everyone is happy about her summoned circumstances, but they were far outweighed by the many smiling faces who came to greet her. It made her heart swell with appreciation that she could have such a warm welcome, partially thanks to her host.

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