Fragment 76 Insight

So I was weighing options all of last year on what to do with Fou, since the Beast, in canon, did sacrifice itself completely. At the end I decided, screw it, Fou gets to stay sentient and intelligent (as opposed to FGO canon), but obviously not get away with any of the things it could before… Which had a surprisingly easy route of explanation.

Even with its incredible skills as a Beast class, an engine doesn’t run without fuel, and if the gas tank is missing on the car… well, it’s not going to do anything. Maybe you can have fun honking the horn or listening to the radio until whatever’s left in the battery drains, but otherwise it’s just a garage queen now, right? So I applied the same rationale to Fou. It still has all its stuff, but because it used all its gathered power and practically fried its circuits (or whatever it uses) that collects them, it can’t do anything anymore.

Except enjoy Chaldea. Which is probably the most important part for the series for reasons that I hopefully don’t need to explain.

So then the only real issue with this was trying to add everything I wanted. It hit super fragment length, yet there was still a lot of potential scenes that could have been added. Kintoki was one, as an example, but I decided to hold off until his fragment for his interactions with Fou. I focused on the interactions that carried the most weight and variety instead, as well as if they have the new world building potential considering Chaldea’s current status and development plans.

In particular, the largest scene was a necessary. I wanted to give a little bit of fun insight into the ‘little animal pets’ of Chaldea. Show that they’re still proud phantasmal beasts, though mostly young and juvenile. Each has their own little personalities, but I provided just the briefest glimpse so it didn’t go overboard. Again, cramming everything I wanted into this was difficult, so some corners had to be shaved.

There will be more new (literal) world building in the fragments to come, but it’ll be slow for a bit. I’m trying to juggle work and finally get the minor overhauls completed on the earlier work.

Teaser: The modern world was really something else! While she was really interested in going out and seeing her beloved country, the little servant queue meant she had to wait their turn… but that was fine! With her salon finally back in working order, she could get right back to her usual business with new enthusiasm!

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