Fragment 65 Insight

While I spoil a lot of things in Fate/, I don’t think I’ve spoiled anything as thoroughly as I have Hollow Ataraxia in this entry. It was a necessity though.

There were multiple ways to go with Angra Mainyu. Considering his my room lines and how it’s inferred he remembers Hollow Ataraxia’s looping days… yea, it was fairly obvious which way I should take him. We’ve had enough drama recently so it’s time to return to more uplifting Slice of Life.

Therefore, I decided to be a touch ‘controversial’ with this fragment in terms of how this avenger is handled. Dantes and Joan were full of feels, but I didn’t want to make it three in a row. The potential was certainly there for Angra Mainyu, all things considered, but so was the potential for accidental humor. So I went with playing on situational cues, others’ perceived notions, and Angra’s usually careless heed for words to set him up for ‘good’ disasters. Cue a smorgasbord of potentially humorous scenes you guys would laugh at.

Despite being funny, I didn’t want Angra to appear just completely happy go lucky. He’s an avenger, and Hollow Ataraxia definitely depicted how much hatred and darker urges still hold sway with him. However, I was relieved I could avoid an angst fest and make him feasibly fit in with lingering amounts of skepticism from the remaining cast. I did leave quite a bit of references to that time to make it far more fitting for Angra, as well as a giant time reference by ending it on dawn of the fifth day. I hope that was enough of a nod for everyone who’s played.

I understand some may have wanted to see him interact with more of the other FSN characters or those he’s interacted with before, but I also wanted to show how serious he was about building this new life by actively avoiding conflict. It’s his life now, not Shirou’s, so he pursues it accordingly and safely while doing his best to withhold his urges and tendencies.

Cue Joan slip.

If there’s any interaction skipped out on I wanted to add, but felt it would’ve dragged things on unnecessarily, it was a talk with Mephistopheles. I decided to leave it for next fragment and let someone else’s perspective throw comparison cues instead. We’ve had three pseudos/super fragments in a row, so I didn’t want to push my luck further.

Teaser: Their days were simple and uneventful. Months of being in Chaldea helped to mellow their only lingering grudges, but they still remained. They did not react appropriately back then either, but the past was the past. They only wanted to help make this as comfortable a home as possible.

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