Fragment 33 Insight

Finally the Indian Heroes have arrived… or two of them at least. They make for quite the interesting combination if you’re aware of their past and their F/GO quirks.

Quick Note: Names and terminology might look the same. I will explain the three terms people are most likely not to understand here:

Brahmin: A caste of priests specialized in sacred learning, teaching, and rituals.
Sutaputra: A specific insult used to deny Karna the right to a challenge against Arjuna. It means Son of a mixed/charioteer class.
Kshatriya: A member of the second of four great Hindu castes, the military caste. 

The rest should be fairly obvious with simple knowledge of the Mahabharata. Karna is fighting for the Kaurava Clan, while Arjuna is one of the five legitimized Pandava brothers (and side) that opposes them. Duryodhana is the king that recognizes Karna while the Pandavas jeer at his status. Most are also familiar with dharma. Knowledge of the Mahabharata will help greatly when references are made to their past, much like the past of others helps in their fragments. It’s not a requirement since I limit the exposure, but it does help and rewards those who know.

As stated before, Chaldea was losing a lot of its tension points, so new ones simply needed to be introduced. It helps keep things fresh. What better than another comedic set of quarrels by introducing Edison, and a true point of tension by bringing in both of the Mahabharata’s heroes.

Thanks to Etheral-23, my knowledge and understanding of the Mahabharata and Ramayana increased dramatically. When the Indian servants are involved, since they were kinda downplayed in Grand Order for the most part (Especially Rama), I wish to make up for their shortcomings in game. At least partially. They’re big heroes who deserve to shine.

So we start off with the easy one to follow first. Karna was relatively straight forward to write with my new understanding, and the amount of people he knew in Chaldea was large, without a doubt. He had been present for three large wars, which gives him more than enough interaction with a vast number of allies and enemies alike. He’s practically setup nice and comfy to be introduced into Chaldea without much issue.

There just happened to be only one misfortune that followed him, or specifically, was summoned right after. It’s hardly one of the curses or dilemmas he received during his life, but having a quietly envious and loathing Arjuna appear is hardly an ideal, even if Karna does not wish for any continued conflict. It was an interesting thing to work with Type Moon’s spin considering how the real Karna reacted.

I introduced another small OC who plays a rather pivotal role for the Indian Heroes. She was mostly designed by Etheral-23 as a thank you for all the help and support he willingly gave, though whether she turns into a big OC gradually or not (like Tyler did) will remain a mystery. Like all OCs I add, they are only introduced because they fill a niche only they can provide at key moments. It won’t simply be just to make references to their tales nor as a simple fangirl of sorts.

Along with everything else teased in my collection, time will tell.

As a small, final note, while some things stay the same, I do try to shake things up so things don’t get too stale. Emiya’s EX cooking jokes still appear but either subtly or with different mentions. After so many fragments, Nobunaga is still pranking others for her amusement, but her armory has since increased in variety as evident by the paintball gun. Who knows what she might obtain next?

Half way through January, and there’s still some bits of Chaldea that haven’t been explored too well. In particular, the large berserkers seem to have been left in the mystery for how their shared room actually looks. The curiosity will be answered next Fragment as we follow one of Chaldea’s larger servants!

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