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Chapter 2 Insight

This is a political/suspense thriller. Of course I wasn’t going to let things go smoothly just yet. I got to ratchet everything up a few notches this chapter though (including stakes). This included the Mage’s Association’s penchant for being downright dastardly and malicious with… Continue Reading “Chapter 2 Insight”

Chapter 1 Insight

Really quick notes before I begin: For your reference, as stated in the Chapter.Clock Tower Time = GMT+1Chaldea Time = GMT-3UN Building Time = GMT-4 So if it’s noon in Chaldea, it’s 4 I the afternoon in London, and 11am on the US East… Continue Reading “Chapter 1 Insight”

Prologue Insight

Political and Mystery thriller is off to a nice start, I’d say. Here’s to hoping my first full original story does what it’s supposed to! As stated about WWA’s epilogue, Equilibrium follows directly after and inherits the current mood of Chaldea. Regardless, I still… Continue Reading “Prologue Insight”