Prologue Insight

Political and Mystery thriller is off to a nice start, I’d say. Here’s to hoping my first full original story does what it’s supposed to!

As stated about WWA’s epilogue, Equilibrium follows directly after and inherits the current mood of Chaldea. Regardless, I still went about trying to define the atmosphere now that the celebrations had ended. They’re now left with plenty of rough spots that need to be smoothed, all while the new outside factors are adding the first problems of their own.

The flashback scene, if some recall correctly, was a reference way back to Hector’s fragment when he found Da Vinci and Roman in the Director’s office. Friendly reminder that, yes, I do drop hints well in advance at times. Remember that offhanded remark about Gudao’s cousin way back in TGL’s prologue? Yea, that has a payoff in the future too. Sometimes I put down bricks before I have any intent on building the foundation further. There’s just a lot of information and ground to cover, that’s all.

I’ve finally confirmed the statuses of the two major OCs in critical condition during the incident. As a fun note, nearly a year ago, I was toying with the idea of killing off one or two OCs in order to accomplish certain moods and objectives. As time went on, I figured out I could still accomplish what I wanted through different means. It would have also admittedly taken some of the attention away from Roman’s sacrifice too.

Otherwise, I can’t really say much about anything else. I should have placed well more than enough suspense and mysterious things for you to look at and speculate. It’s going to be a short ride, but there’s going to be quite a few massive reveals before everything settles in the end… but how will it all settle?

EDIT 7/5/18: I’ve discussed with a few fans about the difficult genre positioning. To fix any confusion, the story’s closest “true” genre is Political Thriller throughout. It was formerly improperly labelled with “Mystery” at first, but this was corrected since it’s better categorized under the suspense genres because of its overall design. It contains some mystery elements in the beginning, and a third genre appears towards the end, but it fits closest to Political Thriller. Apologies to anyone who was misled a bit. That was my mistake.

There is no unofficial soundtrack for the prologue.

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