Chapter 1 Insight

Really quick notes before I begin:

  • For your reference, as stated in the Chapter.
    Clock Tower Time = GMT+1
    Chaldea Time = GMT-3
    UN Building Time = GMT-4
  • So if it’s noon in Chaldea, it’s 4 I the afternoon in London, and 11am on the US East Coast. Nothing too difficult compared to the other setups I tested before.
  • Magus Transcriber: If what I described sounded familiar, it’s that same device Tokiomi Tohsaka used to receive messages in the Prologue Episode of Fate/Zero. You can look there for the visual.

This is where things started getting trickier with writing this supplement. There were no guidelines for me to follow, and it became a nostalgic trip back to screenwriting classes. I had an outline and things that needed to be fleshed out, but unlike the other supplements, I was making the road myself with a cacophony of information that could be involved. Though it’d be cool to include everything as a tip of the hat, things would get convoluted real quick. At worst, it’d even start feeling like an encyclopedia of events rather than a story.

So I picked what I thought would be a good in a setup, and went with that design for the rest of the supplement. It’s a suspenseful sampler platter of sorts. It will address what is necessary, but it won’t go too crazy with information overload. There’s already enough suspense and some puzzle solving involved as is. I want people to enjoy reading.

I was reminded that the hardest part of creating a story was filling in all the details in between the beginning and end. The prologue and last three entries will come out perfectly fine, but the inbetween was made a little more difficult due to the genres involved. It needs to keep up its suspense and tension while maintaining proper escalation. At the same time, I need to be wary of the pace, though I think I’ve managed to handle that well. Sorting everything was certainly a pain.

In particular, balancing chosen POVs without ruining any of the suspense was probably the most difficult area. Da Vinci and Lord El-Melloi II will be an intricate balancing act, and hopefully I get it just right for the later payoff to feel satisfying. And to think this is just a rather simple plot complexity to boot.

Unofficial soundtrack: Again, none chosen. It would have just been light suspenseful ambience anyhow.

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