Chapter 2 Insight

This is a political/suspense thriller. Of course I wasn’t going to let things go smoothly just yet. I got to ratchet everything up a few notches this chapter though (including stakes). This included the Mage’s Association’s penchant for being downright dastardly and malicious with their ‘negotiations’ of sorts. Hostage taking was definitely something they’d do for extra leverage.

Overall, I’m trying to control the rollercoaster of emotions. There’s plenty of suspense to keep everything moving forward, but Chaldea’s still in its recovery phase. Throwing in obvious emotional responses to an ever-escalating situation is not only natural, but necessary. Keeping a situation under control with so many present parties can be a total mess, as I’ve tried to show. I’m sure everyone can agree political wheeling and dealing can get messy, and we’re still only at Chapter 2.

As a reminder: It’s going to be another short supplement though. 10ish maximum entries similar to Who We Are.

I’m still constantly throwing clues for the audience to piece some things together slowly (while keeping it suspenseful). Most should have a pretty solid idea who aren’t the real culprits, but I hope I still made things kinda confusing and leaving “what if it actually is____” as a possibility. Again, nothing too complex, but it needs to be unraveled slowly and precisely since there’s going to be quite a bit of information. I don’t want it overwhelming anyone, but there will come a chapter that might.

If I manage to execute this all right, though, it won’t come down to that. Here’s to hoping!

Unofficial soundtrack: Beginning is pretty slow. Low ambiance works best, really. This one fits the general mood of this chapter, but it has a bit of horror undertones that don’t fit quite well. Still manages to be nice company while reading.

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