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Murphy’s Law Strikes

In terms of time. I used to have time to pump out a few more shards, but thanks to unfortunate circumstances that fell on a colleague, I also wound up taking collateral damage. So as not to bore anyone, I won’t explain the situation,… Continue Reading “Murphy’s Law Strikes”

Season 1 Insight Reuploads

As you may have noticed, I will be taking the time to remake and upload new insight pages that have been missing for months. Fragments 9 through 15 have already been reuploaded, leaving only six more to go. I should have the rest of… Continue Reading “Season 1 Insight Reuploads”

Fragments of Chaldea turns 3 Years Old

Despite the considered discontinuation back in September, cancelled supplements, and a slower update schedule, Fragments has made it to see its third birthday. Three years ago I started this project on a whim, and now it’s grown into a ~1,800,000 word monster of a… Continue Reading “Fragments of Chaldea turns 3 Years Old”

New Page – Rooms & Luxuries

It’s been delayed for too long, but the page is finally added. In the new Rooms & Luxuries page, you will find small descriptions that act as fresher points for locations within FoC’s Chaldea. It can be found under the Series Information tab. I’ll… Continue Reading “New Page – Rooms & Luxuries”

Officially Endorsed Spanish Translation

Fragments of Chaldea is pleased to announce we have Seba, a new translator to the team, currently working on adapting the series into Spanish. The prologue fragment has been released on and will continue to grow with time. Please feel free to show… Continue Reading “Officially Endorsed Spanish Translation”

Their Guiding Light – Excalibur Edition is Finally Completed

After busy schedule juggling and delays, Their Guiding Light – Excalibur Edition is finally cleaned of its lingering typos and post-revision rough spots. I hope. Its grown by 20,000 words for description, so there’s some new material and introspection interwoven into the previous scenes… Continue Reading “Their Guiding Light – Excalibur Edition is Finally Completed”

Website Completed

Just giving a quick update! As it currently stands, the website is fully operational. A lot of the insights have been re-uploaded to this site, and all the necessary materials for OCs, world rules, and such are in place. More extra materials and information… Continue Reading “Website Completed”


The NSFW tumblr prune bot doesn’t do a very good job. Thanks to it chopping random insight pages on the tumblr (like Asterios’ final ascension art), it has become apparent Fragments of Chaldea needs a better home. Warning: You may not want to subscribe… Continue Reading “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”