Fragments of Chaldea turns 3 Years Old

Despite the considered discontinuation back in September, cancelled supplements, and a slower update schedule, Fragments has made it to see its third birthday. Three years ago I started this project on a whim, and now it’s grown into a ~1,800,000 word monster of a fanfiction. It even gained its own dedicated website over the past year to house plenty of consolidated information, author’s notes, and related media.

I’m happy it’s brought delight to many over the years. It’ll only continue to grow, but far more carefully and planned than when it was just a casual experiment. Here’s hoping to another year despite my career soaking up so many hours.

I hope all of you readers and fans continue to enjoy the ride ahead! I’ll keep the standard high and weaved carefully, but there’s still so much potential to be had with FGO constantly releasing new stuff. Here’s to lots more Slice of Life and all the heart-warmers, light drama, and bits of romance that accompany it!

And, of course, FoC’s theme song video (featured during F99) as celebration:

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