Fragment 104 Insight

I’ve gone over bits and pieces of the Memorial Essence plenty of times throughout the series. While much of it is reiterated, there are still parts that weren’t quite fleshed out or even reiterated. Of those, the most prominent is the experience of receiving a Memorial Essence. There was a glimpse of what happens in the first twenty-four hour in Redemption from Sin, thanks to Gilgamesh, but by comparison, that one was very tame. It was still Gilgamesh in the end, who didn’t live quite as differently as he had.

In this case, Meltryllis had experienced and come to hold things she shouldn’t have. Arguably, much of her actions and emotions contradict who the traditional Meltryllis was. So in this regard, it would be closer to Kiritsugu or Irisviel receiving Memorial Essences of their Fate/Zero counterparts. It’d be jarring, clashing, and even too foreign to accept. Something like a dream, nightmare, or even a possession of sorts.

As such, I wanted to paint a very distinct picture of that too-long glossed over fact: A very different set of memories would be both jarring and mind-splitting. As example, many rightfully say EMIYA and Shirou aren’t the same person. To mix them together flatly without any other stimuli, experiences, or so forth would lead to an inevitable clash of personality, ideals, beliefs, and emotions. They can relate on some level because of their shared origin and stretches of existence, but otherwise, the chance they get along off the bat if forced to be completely truthful is slim to none.

That’s what I tried to color with this fragment. Many were looking forward to Meltryllis, and rightfully so. Her story was tragic. But the her from the singularity didn’t make it back, nor was summoned. So in order to get that one back, it would inevitably mean potentially sacrificing the one who got summoned.

Thus, to make that not so easy and sympathize, I painted the current Meltryllis like the one you get in the game. She doesn’t have the memories. She’s her own distinct person who acts and thinks according to her core, but would otherwise come to slowly appreciate those who care when given enough time. The tiniest fractions of this are apparent throughout the first half, so by the latter half, there’s some grounds for the singularity Meltryllis to latch onto for a ‘stronger invasion’, per se.

So the transition is slow. While it could be inferred she’s accepting those memories by the end of it, I spread plenty of philosophy and information throughout the fragment. You know. My usual deal. You take only what you may find interesting, but it can’t be denied I don’t subtly raise the questions of what shade she will inevitably choose for herself. Nothing is truly black and white most of the time.

I hope you found the interactions just as interesting. At this stage, it’s admittedly a bit more difficult to make Meltryllis interact with anyone without attempted superiority or belligerent attitude breaking it apart, so my options were limited. That said, the options were still nice considering this piece is stapled to her turning point.

My only disappointment is that the CCC supplement couldn’t be fleshed out due to time constraints, because I have no doubt this fragment would have made far more impact after readers spend so much time with Meltryllis. All I can hope for is that the FGO players who know the singularity well felt it best.

I had fun writing this little feel trip, but I’m not going to lie and say there’s not more coming up. There’s potentially many in a row, if I’m to be honest: The next one is definitely no exception. It’s finally time to push another character’s arc forward.

Teaser: Fury and vengeance filled his heart; It was only natural for his class. Moreso with the memories of his past life. Yet, it was made worse by Chaldea’s dishonorable act to defeat him. But here he was, brought here against his will… or was it truly? Even if he cared little for humanity’s plights, the noble beast had wishes of his one. Of all of them, one hopeful wish echoed endlessly, wishing to be answered… But he still wasn’t about to trust humans with that wish…

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