Fragment 20 Insight (Revisited)

Obviously community event fragments would remain without a focus: The focus is the community. That made it great grounds for using scenes to set up future developments while also offering a sampler platter of different sights.

Initially, this fragment was pretty rampant with inconsistencies and design oddities. I fixed many things like costumes to interactions in order to make it feel more streamlined and viable. At the same time, I wanted to retain exactly what I wanted from its initial conception: That the community was starting to grow a little more united visibly. They may still have many differences, but it should be clearer to the audience how things are developing.

The Halloween fragment gave me an opportunity to also address some of the costume servants. I wasn’t about to have Caster Elizabeth become a Memorial Essence, so a costume change was the obvious route. There’s a few other curious costumes presented too, both for laughs or outright simplicity. For the overall mood, I wanted to ensure tension remained almost non-existent.

Clearly the only exception is Gawain’s entrance, which is far more aggressive than what canon lines would infer. However, it was a curious angle I wanted to work with to help flesh out the incoming singularity more. It felt like missed opportunity that Gawain wasn’t being at least a bit more confrontational with certain servants (depicted in FGO and Extra), so that was definitely something I doubled down on. He also wasn’t the last arrival dispositions I shifted, whether with the help of memorial essences or not.

Finally, there’s yet a third scene that toes the line between raunchy and passable for the rating. That’s all the series will ever get to, though; I don’t write explicit stuff. All that mattered was what is about to or what could have happened, which either raises emotional tension or gives a satisfying payoff for build up. In this case, just another stepping stone from Chaldea’s often pushy master.

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