Fragment 38 Insight

Summer has come early this year! …and uploaded a tad early too.

The conception for this idea started a long time ago, literally before I started writing Their Guiding Light. Chaldea Summer Memories was huge, and including it in Fragments was guaranteed considering how much flak I would receive for not adding the fan service casual event. The issue was, how was I going to cram everything I wanted into one fragment, even if it’s an extended super length?

Simple: You had to build stuff in the event on your island(s), right? Then how about they build it in Chaldea so I don’t have to rush anything? That way, more situations and events can take place there without having to worry about Rayshifting loop holes. 

The only issue then, would be making it viable. To be honest, this was the main, hidden reason I dropped the Chaldea altitude from 6000 meters. A cavity under Mount Enzou was possible by the three magus families in Fate/Stay Night, so building this colossal space inside a mountain should be feasible for servants. Casters with territory creation, item construction, and other skills would be the MVPs, but others could pitch in too by sneaking in material or helping with construction at various times of the day. 

While I could just say “Screw it, fantasy setting. I do what I want,” I chose to attempt to explain it plausibly. I placed quite a bit of feasibility into this, including having the makeshift ocean as fresh water from snow melt instead of actual sea water. 

As a small joke, why no salt water? Because this Chaldea doesn’t have as much salty tears from rolling the gacha.

As the grand opening of the space, I crammed as much as possible of the actual summer event (Part 1) into it. There are no pigs or mention of Arturia’s newfound sport, but that’s because I have plans for that later. It’s nice not having to cram everything into this single fragment.

There’s really not much to say in this author’s note. It’s a fragment with no spotlight character, but sheds some light on many at the same time. Some teases there, hints here, and a bunch of other goodies… and this quickly became the quintessential Super Fragment for the Slice of Life premise.

I hope you all enjoyed this one! Definitely an ideal way to shake Chaldea from any lingering stress or discontent.

Here’s some of the music I was listening to while writing this. I’m big into Tropical House, but any classic surf tunes like the Beach Boys write, Calypso music, etc. can work well. Whatever you like to listen to at the beach really.

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