Fragment 100 Insight

Usually servants trickled in one or two at a time for most past-year fragments. It hasn’t actually been since Season 2 that multiple servants arriving was a common scene. Fragment 100 fixed that, but for obvious reasons if you read the cancelled supplement. Five in a single fragment is a high count, but despite the many fan favorites, I still ensured BB takes the cake.

That didn’t mean the real star of CCC wasn’t going to get an entrance of her own. It might not be what you expected, but I’ll admit it was actually a split 50/50 decision to pull this. There were a lot of future merits to both paths, but I decided on this one because of the number of developments in the future, plus the balance I try to maintain alongside unique situations. Either way, Meltlilith is now a part of Chaldea, and like many, she’ll find even more than she ever expected to have. Passionlip too.

And of course BB, because she’s the star of this one. With her unique disposition, I personally felt she’d need to have her own strong motivations for coming beyond just simply ‘coming to appreciate’ the masters and what Chaldea may offer. As a Super AI from the Moon Cell, Chaldea would likely feel like a step down in most ways, so her interest in staying seemed a bit fickle. Sort of like she did it on a whim, and helping humanity out still just happened to coincide with her interests.

Though BB’s tendencies and playing around are obvious, I wanted to pronounce a different aspect that CCC only scratched upon. She came to be because of one factor, and that sole factor would likely be the absolute ticket to securing her loyalty. With that in mind, I thought I’d take a unique course into ensuring BB’s stay which I hope you’ll all enjoy. It’s the start of a new curious side arc that also advances several others in tandem (like the background progress of Chaldea’s overall security).

No doubt, BB isn’t stupid. She wouldn’t just level her terms outright without doing things her way. She’d play around a bit, do things without asking, and even make questionable decisions despite being under guard. It only fleshed out a few other characters more, but the main idea here was to get into BB’s head, because she’ll certainly be instrumental in some developments to come.

Obviously her studio will play its own little part, but that one is far more lighthearted than other reveals. I’ve purposefully not mentioned the big reveal which has only been teased on several occasions so far, but you can consider this fragment the first outright indication on Fragments’ direction in terms of tagging along with FGO’s plot. I’ll also give another usual reminder for its direction: Whatever its course may be, you have my absolute promise the Slice of Life premise will remain intact.

You’re all here for fun times, heartwarmers, the absolute norm, and occasional tearjerkers. And possibly the romance too. The mood will never go away, which means what’s to come may not be true canon, but it’s certainly FoC reasonable.

Teaser: It felt good to be completely free of the lingering influence of that accursed noble phantasm. Sure the madness was still there, but it no longer made him thirst for blood at the most inconvenient times. He no longer had a daily reminder of how many saw him. That didn’t mean he wasn’t going to stop showing and pursuing the image he really wished for in this unusual life. 

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