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Original Characters: Design to Implementation

Original Post Date: September 20th, 2017 I was waiting until Anishka’s promotion to upload this piece. Now that it’s live, it’s time to delve into another core concept for the Fragments Series. Original Characters, or Original Creations depending, are a coin toss for many… Continue Reading “Original Characters: Design to Implementation”

Writing Insight II: The Keys that Unlock Doors

Original Post Date: February 16th, 2017 I often mention “I’m building towards something”, but some don’t know what I mean by that since this is a collection of one shots. Allow me to explain my building blocks techniques. Building blocks are necessary for every… Continue Reading “Writing Insight II: The Keys that Unlock Doors”

The Difficulty of Writing an FGO Fanfic

Original Post Date: Nov 9th, 2016 No rant here. I’m just making a post to give some insight into the ludicrous nature of writing a Fate/Grand Order fanfic. I placed myself in this position though, so I’m cool with it and accept the potential… Continue Reading “The Difficulty of Writing an FGO Fanfic”